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 gain access to healthy activity in last year.


record an improvement in their self confidence


People have gained a qualification through us

 Awards for all project

Creating connections, reaching our potential!

The funding will create a post for a part time member of staff to:
• Strengthen relationships between neighbourhood communities around the city - In order to share information; signpost; gather information through drop in sessions and consultation in four disadvantaged areas; and manage weekly activity sessions to improve physical health and tackle isolation and self-confidence.
* Facilitate a city wide positive activity social network. 
• Provide ‘tool boxes’ for individuals to take back to their communities/families - These provide games and activities that improve both mental and physical health and address specific issues, such as, a tool box that helps build resilience with various games and activities that enables this. 
• Work with new and existing partners to enhance awareness of the Charities work and develop new collaborations..

Volunteer with us to change lives

Volunteers are the most important resource community organisations have. The ability of people to work willingly together for the betterment of their community and themselves is a valuable resource. The image of the volunteer has changed over time.

Why volunteer with us?

  • Get hands on experience in the industry
  • Help and support those in disadvantaged areas access healthy activities
  • Receive training and qualifications
  • Have ownership over a project, become engage and involved in making a difference
  • See the benefit you have to an individual or community
  • Have connections for future work and/or experiences.

If you would like to get involved in any aspect of our Charity please get in contact with us


young people

We believe all young people deserve access to fun engaging healthy activity. Our aim is to ensure as many young people as possible are able to experience new sports, social environments and a continued educational platform to live a better more fulfilled life.  Lifelong health can be promoted in this vital 16 – 24 yr old period and we will constantly strive to provide a safe platform for development and growth in the health and fitness environment.

Many of our projects aim to give the youths the skills, confidence and experience to make a difference themselves.

Consultation, research findings and reports suggests much of the problems experienced at this age come from a lack of opportunity, support and direction. Vital transition points are evident at the age group and we as a sports charity aim to support these individuals to ensure mental and physical well-being is achieved and sustained. 

Without them it wouldn't happen

A big thank you to some fabulous funders. We have recently been able to achieve some great outcomes and change lives from direct funding from the following funders.

Foyle Foundation - A project to provide NEETS with the skills, experience and confidence to follow a career and lifestyle in healthy activity. 

West Cornwall youth trust - Two Boccia session in Cornwall targeting physical disability

Sportivate - youth running and fitness programs in Plymouth and Saltash

Tesco Donation - A direct donation that has gone towards a running club for those out of healthy activity in Cornwall

Tom Green Donation - A direct donation from a good friend and former coach of the charity. Tom has asked the donation go to setting up an accessible volleyball session in Plymouth during the summer. 

 Schools Sports Coaching

We are able to offer a tailor made service to suit your school. We currently deliver KS2 sports coaching in a number of schools to cover PPA time. We are able to work alongside the school to plan, deliver and provide reports on the children termly whilst giving a professional engaging service to each child. We believe games and sport should be fun and engaging, we use these sessions to not only improve their physical health but provide them with key skills such as communication, problem solving, team work and discipline.

Please get in contact to see how we can work with your school, and children to improve their physical education experience via weekly sessions, after school clubs or one off fun days.

We also offer teacher training days held by our experienced tutors.

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